Donna Curry Studio

Violinist & Master Teacher


The Curry Method

Many years of teaching violin and viola to children and adults have brought me a unique understanding of what I do.  Simply put, I’ve learned that a special process evolves between my students and me. I call that process The Curry Method.

The Curry Method evolves from my constant awareness of the complex interactions between my student, her or his instrument and me.  It enables me to build a consistent musical foundation in my students that they carry on their musical travels, moving from their first Twinkle all the way through to the complexity of a major Mozart Violin Concert.  While the musical complexity changes, the foundational elements stay the same.

The consistent musical foundation developed through my Curry Method is a co-created, interactive, highly individualized experience for each student. It enables them to know the joy of making music.  It inculcates in them a life-long love of music as well as....