Ms. Curry is an exceptional violin teacher who has become part of our extended family. She guides and coaches my son at his own pace and has the uncanny ability to spot and hone his musical gifts. Ms. Curry knows when to encourage, when to push and when to give him the sweet taste of performing. She is a real treasure!

Suzanne L.  /  WINnetka


"Like many adult musicians, I had not taken lessons since college. I had increasingly felt the need to make improvements to my playing. Donna listened to my concerns, identified additional areas of difficulty, and helped make the necessary changes, along with teaching me the theory behind the practice. Altering decades of muscle memory has been a significant challenge, and she has been very supportive. Donna has also helped to correct elements of my technique that contribute to fatigue and muscle strain. Thanks to her instruction, my playing is enormously improved and I have once again been able to join a community orchestra that plays major repertoire."

K A T E  L .  /  H I G H L A N D  P A R K


We absolutely loved having the tailored instruction that Mrs. Curry provided, and we recommend this program to all students at any skill level for a boost of musical confidence! Thank you!

/  Satisfied client  /


"I am an adult beginner on the violin with no prior violin experience except what I picked up on-line and my own working through a standard violin instruction book.  Donna Curry was kind enough to take me on as a student, and for four months now I have been benefiting from her immense teaching experience.  While Donna is not at all hesitant to tell me each time my intonation or counting is off or I am doing something else quite wrong (which is what is need to hear), she is unfailingly patient, kind and encouraging about it.  She also has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the music world that always help make our lesson time a delight.  Perhaps the greatest benefit for me from being her student is that she knows how to develop and enhance a passion for the violin, notwithstanding that it is a difficult instrument.  While there is value in learning on one's own, there are many critical elements of playing that demand in-person instruction.  I look forward every week to our sessions and hope to keep growing with her for a long time to come."

D A L E   T . 


Donna Curry has taught violin and viola to two of our children. She has pushed them to excel but also makes the lessons fun, so kids look forward to their time with her.  She is also great at helping parents work through the tough spots of parenting a kid in music lessons.  We highly recommend her."