Donna Curry Studio





AGeS 4-8

The fundamental building blocks at this age follow the Curry Method (System) of the instrument played by the 'whole child'. Control of each phase from the first initial set up to the first bow drawn, first piece accomplished to advanced repertoire is (and) driven by the child's intellect. The learning principles guided by the instructor conveyed and the action delivered by the thinking child. The parent is in attendance and helped to understand the concept of the child learning.


Adult Beginner

AGe 9+

The child at 9 is a traditional student, well into their independence and independent learning. 




The player appears and the learning steps become clear as discovery of what needs to be understood, developed and strengthened. The layering of scales, shifting, positions studies, vibrato, note reading with all of its' components, sight-reading skill, repertory building and the student capacity to understand and perform music interpretively.




Adults lead with their interest, their goals. The fundamentals to be learned and accomplished are the same though depending on their music experience listening materials and repertoire can vary.


About The Space

The GorTon COMMUNITY Center Studio

Calm, bright, inviting, caring environment. Learning happens in a calm space.